Don’t miss out on the intense roasted malts, silky smooth mouth feel, subtle sweetness and velvety chocolate goodness of our 2X Chocolate Milk Stout. We went over the top, with more malt, the infusion of cacao nibs and pure chocolate for a truly otherworldly chocolate stout experience.


Alcohol by vol.: 6.8% OG: 18 IBU: 33 SRM: 40+

Availability: December - February

Food pairings: spicy Mexican dishes, baby back ribs, chocolaty desserts

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Lancaster Brewing Company
302 N. Plum St.       Lancaster, PA 17602
Ph 717.391.6258        Fax 717.391.6015

Lancaster Brewing Company
Lancaster Brewing Company Harrisburg
469 Eisenhower Blvd.        Harrisburg, PA 17111
Ph 717.564.4448
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